Darcy will bring a wealth of experience to the Amherst Town Council, with her background in both law and education.

– Alice Swift, Amherst District 5 resident

Read my positions on surveys covering a variety of topics:

I’m excited to represent District 5 on the new Town Council. I look forward to bringing my expertise in legislation and education, my passion for accessible open government, my vision for Amherst as an affordable, innovative community for all, and my bold ideas for development, to the Council. I hope you’ll get to know me by attending District meetings (on the last Thursday of the month, 6-8 PM at Crocker Farm School) and coffees (second Thursdays, 8 – 10 AM at Atkins Farm).

You can email me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Why I Ran for Amherst Town Council

I ran because I want Amherst to show municipal leadership that will counter some of the destructive government policies at the national level.

I ran because I believe it’s important for more women to be in leadership positions at every level of government.

I ran because I have the knowledge and proven leadership to make Amherst a model of environmental sustainability. My extensive experience in climate action sets me apart from other candidates.

photo by Rene Theberge
photo by Rene Theberge

Darcy is both practical and visionary, works hard behind the scenes and takes responsibility for achieving group goals. She listens carefully, refrains from grand-standing, and when she speaks, she helps move discussions toward their conclusion.

– Rudy Perkins, Amherst Resident


I ran because I’m concerned that high property taxes make it difficult or impossible for low and moderate income people to rent or own in Amherst.

I ran because the Council needs a strong advocate for racial and social justice. I’m committed to strengthening our welcome to immigrants and refugees and being a sanctuary town.

I ran because maintaining excellent schools is a top priority for me. As a former teacher, I know how important it is for the budget to be overseen by knowledgeable municipal leaders.

As District 5 Councilor, I’ll do my homework.  I’ll be responsive and accessible. I will listen and I will ask hard questions.