Community Resilience

I will work to make Amherst a model of resilience and energy innovation by:

  • Implementing our 100% Renewable Energy Resolution
  • Accelerating the creation of a Town Sustainability Committee
  • Integrating climate justice, energy efficiency and conservation in our community and schools

Energy Democracy

I will promote the town’s planning process with Northampton and Pelham to create a program of Community Choice Energy Plus, to buy bulk electricity and provide energy efficiency services and local energy development.

Celebrating after Town Meeting passed a resolution that included energy democracy.


I will work to:

  • expand public transit and encourage public transit use
  • support town purchase of electric cars, buses, and heavy equipment
  • expand bike and pedestrian pathways

Local Food and Agriculture

I will support and encourage policies that promote local food, local farms and farmers’ markets.

Zero Waste

I will support a zero waste program, including a ban on single use plastic products, with education and incentives for residents to participate.